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BORO Magazine

This local magazine is printed monthly and covers businesses and events in the Queens neighborhoods of Sunnyside, Astoria, and Long Island City.

Condé Nast

For a little over three years, I worked in Condé Nast's Special Interest Publishing Group, which is a mouthful, but it basically means we created special issues across all of the Condé brands. I worked on everything from Vanity Fair to multi-branded to Vogue titles, with topics ranging from food to upcoming blockbusters and the Women's March. I fact-checked, wrote copy, pitched successful special issue ideas (The World of Wands & WizardsSuperheroes Unleashed! and MLK: 50 Years Later, respectively), served as an editor for two magazines, and everything in between. You can find out more about our department here.

Reel Honey



People StyleWatch

I worked as a fact-checker and reporter for People StyleWatch on three special projects over the span of about nine months, including a book they produced and two bookazines. I wrote the below spread, which appeared in People StyleWatch's Get-Gorgeous Guide.

   People StyleWatch  Beauty Bookazine,  Get-Gorgeous Guide , 2015

People StyleWatch Beauty Bookazine, Get-Gorgeous Guide, 2015


Eight Asbury students (myself included) had the opportunity the summer of 2012 to be the first journalism group from our school to report at the Olympics (that year in London). We were in England for two weeks, reporting at the Olympics for NBC affiliate LEX-18. Below are two news packages I helped produce. We won a Student Emmy for "London learns Southern phrases," which is featured below:

London Learns Southern Phrases

Ale-8 at the London Olympics