Ep. 16: Queer, Vegan and Tennessean, with Molly Alice Hoy

Molly is the amazingly talented illustrator who designed "Pop Cartography"'s logo, and she talks with me about growing up in Knoxville, where she ate mainly "Midwestern poverty food"—but also Buddy's BBQ—before embarking on her vegan lifestyle. We discuss starting a commune on Prince Edward Island (where our beloved "Anne of Green Gables" is set), the Appalachian drama "Christy" and the McElroy franchise. Molly also generously tells me about discovering she was queer in college and falling in love with her wife. Also, remember to buy some Buddy's BBQ sauce at buddysbarbq.com.

Pop culture recommendations:
Molly: "The Adventure Zone" (a Dungeons & Dragons podcast from the McElroy brothers) and the band Pentangle
Becca: "Mad Men" and "Twin Peaks Rewatch"

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