Ep. 11: Pacha's Poncho Is Made of Alpaca, with Charlie Day

I talk with self-proclaimed Bad-Hombre-turned-Coastal-Elite Charlie Day about Peru, where he lived on-and-off growing up. Charlie and I went to school together in North Carolina, so we discuss the weirdness that was Parkwood High, plus living near the JAARS center. He tells me about “Emperor’s New Groove” and its historical accuracy (spoiler alert: other than Pacha's character, it's not) and the horrific flooding in Peru, along with Drake, potatoes, guinea pigs and the difference between llamas, alpacas and the other two breeds that I've already forgotten about so plz don't ask me! It's VERY confusing. We recommend listening to soothing pan flute music in the background while listening to this episode.

Pop culture recommendations:

Charlie: TV: "Better Call Saul," "Veep," "Silicon Valley" and "Samurai Jack." Movies: "Logan," "Get Out" and "Beauty and the Beast."  Music: "More Life" by Drake, "Process" by Sampha and "Chanel" by Frank Ocean. Books: "A Colony in a Nation" by Chris Hayes
Becca: "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" (literally AGAIN, but the TV show on Seeso this time!) and PWR BTTM


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