I once had a nightmare that, while waiting in an office lobby for a job interview, I discovered I was wearing lederhosen. How did they get on my body? I don't know, but the meeting clearly didn't go well: Apparently, one of the criterion for my being a good writer was doing laundry correctly, but I forgot to use detergent (rookie move). Thankfully, I'm not a lederhosen-wearing, detergent-forgetting maniac when I'm awake.

Born a North Carolinian, I moved to Papua New Guinea when I was 3 and lived there until graduating from high school in 2010. I then attended Asbury University, where I double-majored in creative writing and journalism and minored in Spanish. I also served as both the editor-in-chief of the Asbury Collegian, Asbury's student newspaper, and the Asbury Review, the semi-annual literary magazine. After graduating Cum Laude in 2014, I got married, moved to New York, and attended NYU's Summer Publishing Institute, where I studied both magazine and book publishing. Afterward, I served first as the fashion features editor for The Stylish Standout, then a freelance reporter for People StyleWatch.

I'm currently an Editorial Assistant for Condé Nast's Special Interest Publishing Group (we create special issues across all Condé Nast brands), but I am always on the lookout for writing assignments. When I'm not working, you can find me watching "SNL," eating pizza, watching YouTube videos of puppies or waiting impatiently for the subway.

You can email me at rbeccapatton@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter @BeccaPattonSays and follow my podcast at @Pop_cartography